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2, rue Le Royer, Vieux-Montréal,
QC H2Y 3V8 Canada
T. 1 514 287 9222 / 1888 BONALDO
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Bonaldo is the passion project of a creator inspired by beauty, quality, and freedom.

For over thirty years, Louis Pauzé, owner of the Montreal Bonaldo boutique, has been fascinated by shapes and colours and has immersed himself in a wonderful world of beautiful objects, furnished with quality pieces.

His approach is simple: travel off the beaten path, where none venture, to unearth timeless treasures of all sizes, immune to the whims of trends.

Beyond the sale of products in store, be it furniture or accessories, Bonaldo essentially encourages the creation of a colourful environment, where one can feel at ease. The focus is on harmony of colours, the creation of living, and sleeping, spaces, and even the integration of a botanical world.

Conique Planter
Delta & Omega Planter
Screen Planter
Narnya Planter
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2, Le Royer Est, Montréal, QC, H2Y3V8, Canada
1 514 287 9222

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